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Admission Test

For information about BA ATW, MA ATW (taught mainly in German) or MA CuP (taught in English and German) and our admission test please have a look at our homepage. If you have further questions please write an email to (ATW).

Artistic Entrance Examination
The entrance examination for the MA degree is divided into two parts. In the first part, applicants must send in a portfolio with two or three self-chosen and self-completed artistic pieces of work. Videos or documentation of own choreographic work or performances but also artistic projects. Additionally a CV and a motivational letter with an explanation of reasons for applying as well as the BA thesis or an equivalent scientific piece of work.

The second part of the examination consists of an oral examination of about 30 minutes which serves the purpose of obtaining additional information about the aptitude of the applicants from a practical and professional viewpoint. Full particulars found in the Spezielle Ordnung.

If you would like to participate in the artistic entrance examinationfor the MA in “Choreograpy and Performance”, please fill in the registration form on this homepage.

You will then receive an invitation to participate in the artistic entrance examination. Only then do you submit the following documents (hard-copy via post, no digital portfolios are accepted!):

  • CV
  • Motivational letter
  • A portfolio with two or three self-completed artistic pieces which the applicant has chosen him/herself (eg. Videos or documentation of own choreographic work, audio works, installations or performances but also artistic drafts) If you want to turn in videos, please upload them on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/). Please do not forget to mention the actual link in your portfolio. Additionally you are asked to send an e-mail to: with a combined list of all the links referring to the works included in your portfolio.
  • BA thesis or equivalent scientific work
  • An explanation with the words “I ensure that I produced the work in the portfolio”
  • If applicable, a recommendation, for example, a reference from a lecturer.