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Application Dates
Application online registration for CUP 15.12.16 until 31th March 17
Deadline for Portfolio CUP: 31th March 2017
Oral Exam: to be announced

Semester start/-end winter semester: 1 October - 31 March
Summer semester: 1 April – 30 September
Lectures/seminars winter semester: 17 October 2016 -10 February 2017
Summer semester: 18 April – 21 July
Christmas break 16/17: 23 December2016 until 9 January 2017

Re-registration for SS: 15 January until 28 February
Re-registration for WS: 15 June until 31 July

The re-registration has to be done for every semester, by paying the semester fee. Please check the JLU HP and/or International Office there for further questions. This is done by the JLU and not by the Institute!