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Scores & Swapping. Arbeiten mit Partituren.

BA 06, BA 09, MA 02, MA 04, CuP 03, CuP 07

Scores & Swapping.
Arbeiten mit Partituren.

Performing, devising, transcribing, writing and swapping scores. In this workshop, we will make ourselves familiar with the use of scores for performance on a practical level. In a first step, we will read and execute a number of found scores: historical ones and contemporary ones, some infamous and others entirely unheard of. Then we will write, interpret and perform scores for each other, pass them on, turn them literally upside down, while swapping roles and places. The longest and final phase will be dedicated to the development of own performance projects based on the use of scores. What kinds of collaboration and exchange processes are enabled by the work with scores, and how can the latter be useful to pursue one’s artistic work?

There will be a presentation at the end. Please bring scores you can find to the first block, be them for performance, dance, music, or for any other human and non-human activity.


6.-8.12., PB 1

20.-22.12., GBS

29.1.-6.2., PB 1

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