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Assistants and Postdocs

Rose Beermann

Since finishing her master’s degree ‘Choreography and Performances’ at Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen in March 2013, Rose Beermann works as a freelance choreographer, director and dramaturg in Berlin. Since then, she realized the following projects with multiple collaborators: ‘Show Me How’ (2014), ‘Strip naked, talk naked’ (2014’, ‘Balkan Dance Reality Show’ (2015), ‘There is a better version of you out there’ (2015) and ‘My Body is the Field for Tomorrow’s Battles’ (2016), which have been shown at several German-speaking houses and international festivals. A subject present in all her works is pictures of femininity and their conveyance through media.

For further information about her artistic work, see htts://rosebeermann.de/

Scientific research and writing still are important in her artistic process as a field for inspiration and reflection. Thus, she is happy to start a dissertation project with her work at the institute. The topic will be a (further) development of a notion of the choreographic – as a specific form of perception – which not necessarily is bound o a body and thus can be used as an instrument for analysis of phenomena of movement in a media context.