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Assistants and Postdocs

Katharina Stephan

Katharina Stephan *1984, studied Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen und works at the juncture between audio play, stage theatre and public space. Since 2009, she has been president, gardener and driver of the nomadic theatre “Mobile Albania”, “a state beyond the State”. She concluded her studies with a theoretical-practical diploma in 2011 entitled “Mobile Albania: Die Ordnung der fliehenden Dinge – Orientierung und Wunderkammer”.

In addition, she has worked with different collectives as performer, light and sound designer and realized numerous sound installations and audio plays. Her works have been shown at Körber Studio Junge Regie, at the Hessische Theatertage, hr2, WDR3, Treibstoff Basel, freischwimmer festival, Teatro Due/Parma and meetfactory/Prague. -> www.mobilealbania.de