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Assistants and Postdocs

Dr. Eva Holling

Eva Holling studied theatre, film and media studies, art history and French in Frankfurt am Main and Paris. Until 2005, employee at the foreign language service, secretariat of the theatre studies department at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt. 2005-2008, DFG scholarship holder, 2005-2007, member of the graduate college “Experience of Time and Aesthetic Perception” at University Frankfurt. 2009, scholarship holder “Kölner Gymnasial- und Stiftungsfonds”. In addition, Eva Holling has worked as a freelance author, in various artistic practices and has realized projects at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. Founding member of the group “manche(r)art”, member of the Cologne group “Mühlenkampf/Hochschule für Weltgestaltung” (in continuous founding) und “Raumfaltung” (Cologne).
2012-2015 Co-publisher of the magazine „Nebulosa. Zeitschrift für Sichtbarkeit und Sozialität” (Neofelis-Verlag Berlin).

Her dissertation: „Transference in theatre. Theoretical and practical studies of processes of theatrical impact.” supervised by Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund and Prof. Dr. Hans-Thies Lehmann was published in 2016 by Neofelis-Verlag Berlin. Link: https://neofelis-verlag.de/verlagsprogramm/philosophie/913/uebertragung-im-theater She was awarded the 2017 Missing Link Award by the Psychoanalytisches Seminar Zürich.