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Die Kartoffel als Chance

Die Kartoffel als Chance

The potatoe as a chance

we see in the potato field: the true fairy tale of the power of performance in 6 pictures. It comes to our heads: the dream of the power of the individual and the desire for moving of the masses.
The potato was foreign and obnoxious to Europeans. Famine also did not convince them to handle these dangerous tubers. Now two performers stand in the empty field and wonder. Before they can think of any action, they are overrun by an army of Colorado potato beetles ...
"If you have the feeling that you can not think about the events, do not make the mistake of trying to understand them."

By Berkenhoff/Siegwald in collaboration with Landungsbrücken Frankfurt and Frankfurt LAB/HTA. Funded by Stadt Frankfurt. Directing and Performance: Ana Berkenhoff und Roland Siegwald, Light: Jörn Nettingsmeier, Costumes: Charlotte Morache, Assistance: Inga Barth, Produktion: Melchior Tacet.  Thanks to Philipp Schulte and Kris Merken for Rat und Tat, Afroton für den Balken, Philip Albus für Klänge, Mousonturm, ATW Gießen und HfMdK Frankfurt für Unterstützung. https://www.facebook.com/events/2103447929972271

Tickets: Karten:   069 / 25627744 (Stalburg Theater)