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From Thin Air // Gastspiel

A warm invitation:

From Thin Air

The performance From Thin Air is an invitation for a collective listening to music. 7 visitors gather to have a drink, to have a word or another and to install themselves finally in a setting, which focuses on the experience of hearing. Here, soundbodies and composition coming from two speakers enter into an exchange with the individual experience of hearing, which takes place in a common space of sound. The collective hearing develops thus to be a communication, which realizes as an experience towards a sensitization of a collective listening.

Or: You just have some good time.

An album, 7 chairs, a bar, two speakers, a view and one and a half shared hours.

To hear something. To hear someone hear something. To hear some hear something. To hear some.

The registration via Doodle is necessary to coordinate the limited amount of seats. The slot is completed with 7 participants. Please don’t register afterwards. Please register with your full name or at least an abbreviated name and a full first name.


I’m happy about everyone who takes part!

Johannes van Bebber

/ Premiere production funded by: Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Hessian Theatre Academy (as of 15.06.2018)

// Thanks for the generous support to nsynk Gesellschaft für Kunst und Technik and Dr. Färber Acoustics GmbH & Co. KG