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Wir sollten uns nebeneinander setzen und Ruhe haben.

»Set the people out of the theatre into the alley: oh, the miserable reality!«
»We should sit next to each other and have peace.« (Büchner: Danton's Death).
In a city walk through the city Gießen theatre visitors and creators equally face the task of taking Danton at his word. At three locations in the city, participants will sit on stairs and have peace, and maybe even a free beer.

With the city tour Wir sollten... (We should...) it is to be approximated the issue of revolutionary praxis through the formal approach of the Event Score. Everybody can write an Event Score and everybody can perform one, where and when he or she wants. Art is no longer just a matter of trained virtuoso or brilliant artists in established institutions. The city walk refers to historical, revolutionary gestures and practices - the Sit-In of the the American civil rights movement and the student movement of '68, the sit-down strike as a mean of the labor dispute ect. - and raises at the same time the question of the shape of the contemporary, revolutionary practice.

Disappointed of the revolutionary struggle, Datnon's words are not only instructions for a gesture of protest, but to understand as a utopia in itself. The utopia of Ruhe-Habens (to have peace) can only be realized in a temporally and spatially restricted frame, nevertheless it has to be perceived to come to a reflection about the contingency of the present conditions and the basically changeability.

The Nebeneinander Setzen (to sit next to each other) should not take place in a theatre, because it will only become attention outside: All of the participants will become performers. At the same time the stations of the city walk refer to the function of the public space as place for social and democratic struggle, which is increasingly governed and privatized, threatens to wither and flee into the virtual.

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