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Insomnio lasts as long as the life or death of a cockroach after it has been trodden on. By the end of the night it will have died not of its wounds, but simply of thirst. Four performers watch it together with us and begin to analyse the dying organic mass, soon they can't sleep anymore. They become entangled in contradictory thoughts and characters, sleepwalk through heart-breaking romances or talk - completely overcome by crying - only in the future tense, because in the future everything will be better. 'Only the cockroach is not concerned with itself, but with life', becomes a symbol of passive resistance: carry on! The free-wheeling associations of ckhRrrcczhtth cover the most beautiful endings of film history as well as deadly silence: there is no set course, there is no change of costume, there is very little fuss. We will spend an enchanting period of lifetime with ckhRrrcczhtth and her figures of the night, who offer the possibility of empathising with life and death. In the breaks we will eat together, and when the sun rises this sleepless night will be over, too.