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Heute Morgen

picture: Sebastian Fischer as Eugen

Germany 2008, colour, short film, 30 mins

Fleeing illness, a self-sustaining commune has been formed. In a society dominated by fear, truth and perception are dictated. All the people have arranged themselves within this in their own way.The young shy Eugen serves his Father dutifully as a delivery boy. Whenever he can, he flees into roleplaying, looking for himself.
But then something happens which must not happen. A strange person suddenly stands in front of him, a survivor of a world thought dead. The external threat is called Clara. The young woman traces reality with her camera, who, with her pictures, holds up a reflection of the Other to Eugen.
The situation escalates when a third person finds out about the existence of the girl.

The world is full of shades of light and dark. Many things are unclear. Clear things become very blurred upon closer inspection, dark things become a little clearer in the long run. Some things seem to be good,others seem bad. ... Reality is mixed, full of shades of light and dark.
(Hannes Böhringer)

produced by Konglomerat.Film
cast: Sebastian Fischer, Karin Hanczewski, Hannes Ducke, Felix Isenbügel, Susanne Busching-Brero, Mayssoun Abu Assad

based on a script by: C.M. Lowitz // film editor: Thomas Wedekind // sound design: Robert Faldner // sound re-recordist: Stefan Kraatz // colorgrading: Christian Möller // costume manager: Tabitha Klau // make-up artist: Anja Dettweiler // produktion manager: Daniel Kutsch // production assistant: Carola Boßler // unit manager: Andreas Schlieter // set manager: Holger Bode // sound recordist/ boom operator: Christine Winter/ Lars Becker // assistant camera/ grip: Fanny Frohnmeyer // assistant director /script: Tabitha Klau // lighting assistant: Kristin Kröckel // assistant editor: Aletta von Vietinghoff // audio editing: Milena Kipfmüller// production painter: Jan Peter Feindt // still photography/ opticals: Diana Mages // public relations: Dörte Küll // set runner: Gabriele Nöding // catering: Marlies und Andreas Mages, Bärbel und Volker Kämpf, Jin Haeng

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