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We are looking back, in order to look forward. To upcoming collaborations, fundings and part-time jobs. We are at the beginning of our careers. And we might as well be at the end: both options are very thrilling. One is sure - we are in the middle - of work, of life, in the middle of the pool of ever-changing conditions, and in the middle of waiting.
"Retrospective" investigates the relationship, difference and border between the work that we want to do and the work that we must do. It questions the conditions of artistic work with all its privileges and affirms the power of negation and silence. "Retrospective" aims to open up to the ways of saying No, while staying in the structure and pretending to ‘play by the rules’.

Romuald Krężel played in 22 different TV commercial campaigns in Poland, Germany, Ukraine and Belarus. Some of his most successful commercials were for Bosch, Nutricia Foundation, Kaufland and Tyskie. The commercial for the painkiller Metafen was broadly recognized and awarded in the prestigious Polish Advertising Competition in 2014, as well as in other prominent advertising competitions. Romuald is a specialist in playing sympathetic, cool father roles and average, nice guys with a strong sense of comedy. In his free time, he is a passionate reader of critical theory.

A cooperation between the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and the MA Choreography and Performance within the frame of Hessische Theaterakademie.
Performance in English.

Concept, performance: Romuald Krężel
Text, dramaturgy: Tamara Antonijevic
Video, visuals: Monica Duncan
Artistic collaborator: Carolina Mendonça
Light, technic: Hendrik Borowski