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Open Guerilla Workstation "ØDIPUS REC."

The young opera collective "The Navidson" gathers at Operadagen 2018 in Rotterdam in order to refine the current production "Ødipus Rec." in an "Open Guerilla Workstation". The publicly accessible platform makes visible and audible what usually takes place in spaces behind the scenes that are safe but also hostile to exchange. "The Navidsons" open up their work meeting to interested visitors, and enter into a dialogue on the metaphorical meaning of blindness, on questions about the formal realization of sound, music and stage, on compositional sketches and dramaturgical ideas of the planned music theatre "Ødipus Rec."

The idea of the "Guerilla Workstation" is an advancement of thoughts on "communing" and "co-creation" from the production "The Navidson Records" (premiere: Münchener Biennale 2016). In the context of the festival, this action is likewise an artistic statement on a world that is about to put itself in protectionist, anti-democratic, obscure structures and to abandon social diversity as well as access to spaces that elude surveillance.

The event takes place within the framework of Operaland.