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Things break away from their inscribed biographies. Music separates itself from the musical world map attributed to it. Bodies and thoughts come into movement in a kaleidoscopic space. In their dance, Demir and Kılınçel operate with items that have a specific meaning for different communities in Germany.
“و WOW” is an exciting exclamation, inviting us to choreographies of transformation.

Choreography, performance: Nuray Demir, Tümay Kılınçel
Dramaturgy: Arnita Jaunsubrēna
Theoretical collaboration: Natalie Bayer
Assistance: Aiko Takahashi
Costume design: Nadine Bakota
Stage design: Şenol Şentürk
Composition, live music: Nguyễn Baly
Lightning design: Lea Schneidermann
Production manager: Eva Lämmerzahl