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F. Wiesel: Recherchen zu SUPERQUADRA

The Tower of Babel, the ideal cities of the renaissance up to modern times, plans of new worlds appear. Landscapes of glass and concrete stretch from the South American jungle over to the Italian alps. Envisioning planned, organized and eventually more just societies, the drafting tables and computers of centuries are filled with systems and calculations creating ideal proportions and conditions; Cities and buildings for a perfect life. Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Speer and Walt Disney work franticly on the axes of their new orders.

Once created, their inhabitants find themselves in their brave new grids. And what eventually had to happen, happens: A wall breaks in, a door disappears. The geometric systems fall apart in the moment of their occupation. Oscar N. becomes encroaching and starts bringing his own vision into SQ67. And this incident does not remain isolated. Like a virus peculiar interventions start pervading the complex construct. Floors disappear, staircases are being filled with concrete, corals punctuate the roof. Constructions turn into political action.

This March, during their residency at Fleetstreet F. Wiesel start their research in Hamburg: They talk to archeologists and cityplaners, investigate on the ways architecture shapes societies and societies inhabit architecture. They start mixing concrete and interpolate past visions.

In irregular intervals they invite ohers to share their findings. All further information and dates will be available on http://www.fleetstreet-hamburg.de/de/home/programm as well as http://flinkwiesel.de/superquadra