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During five weeks in April and May the MOUCHACHA collective will collaborate with actors of the Theater Basel on the research project “self-help-group”, which will be dealing with the notion of teamwork. Below the “self-help-group” team makes the exercise of a collective self-interview to tell us more about their work.

SHG: You are part of the project “self-help-group”, is it going to be a real self-help-group?

SHG: What interest us in the idea of a self-help-group is precisely what the term itself opens: a group to help the self by working with each other in a group. But if you are referring to the therapeutical or the pathological context often at the base of these groups, we are not interested in that. We come to this group not because we are having a common problem to solve, but because we have a common wish: to deal with the question of how we want to work in a team and find our answers through physical work, through dance. Probably we are rather something as a think tank - or maybe a dance tank.

SHG: So does dance help you to talk about teams in a specific way? I can imagine that it can mainly avoid pure talking, and start being a team.

SHG: This is a very good observation! But also if you think that the most universal definition of work we can find is to spend physical energy, then dance is pure work. And creating and practising a choreography together becomes automatically a work collaboration.