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»... und links das Meer« – Internationales Kompositionsseminar @ cresc biennale 2017

Matej Bonin (*1986): “Shimmer II” (2017, world premiere)
Malte Giesen (*1988): “Surrugat/Extension” (2017, world premiere) for large ensemble, piano and keyboard
Ole Hübner (*1993): “Drei Menschen, im Hintergrund Hochhäuser und Palmen und links das Meer” (2017, world premiere) for large ensemble, audio playbacks and live electronics
Vladimir Gorlinsky (*1984): “Hymns and Laylas of Mascow Securalism” (2017, world premiere)
Andreas Eduardo Frank (*1987): “How to pronounce Alpha. Zwischenlaut und Überzahl” (2017, world premiere)

Transit, the passing from one situation to another, the aesthetic or social migration to a new territory which often remains an idea, which is sometimes reached but occasionally remains unattainable. From this year’s International Composition Seminar of the International Ensemble Modern Academy, five very different musical positions of younger composers have emerged: highly individual and idiosyncratic studies of time and space, studies on the constant movement of sounds and people, on changing locations and perspectives.


An event within the framework of cresc... Biennale für Moderne Musik in cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung.