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Media Library

Media library closed due to moving!

Due to the house moving from Philosophikum II-A to Gutenbergstraße 6, the Media Library will be closed until further notice. The new opening hours will supposedly be made public here in the beginning of April. In cases of urgently required media, please send us a mail to . Thank you for understanding.

Opening Hours
WS 17/18

Mo-Wed, Fr: 12-14h
Phil II, building A, room A117

Videos and DVDs can be watched during opening hours.
The media library is solely a reference library, therefore media cannot be leant out.

The media available in the media library are listed in the university library's OPAC and can be found via researching here.

Should you have any questions, please direct your inquiry to us:

Phone: +49 641-99 31224

Student assistants literature/library:
Max Brands, Liesa Harzer, Clara Reiner, Nora Schneider