Justus-Liebig-Universität GießenInstitut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft


BA 06/09/10/11
MA 02/04/05
CuP 03/05

This seminar proposes to explore processes of writing and performing instructions as well as composing scores. It is proposed in relation to “Reality of the Scripted”, the HTA Ringvorlesung about scripts, scores and scenarios. This series of lectures is part of this seminar (Lectures are every Thursday at 18:00 and will take place either in Frankfurt or Giessen, program in process).

During the process of making a work in the field of performing arts, when we rehears, most of the time, someone(s) tells, asks (tell, ask) other(s) what to do and how to do it. Except if one decides to work exclusively alone, these “instructions” need to take a form that other can read, hear, feel, or....
Some instructions are used to create and build the material to be performed while other instructions are interpreted and performed in order to make the work public. Each step of this process is subject to negotiation between the one(s) who give and the one(s) who receive and/or perform these instructions. The compositions of the actions produced by these instructions as well as the decisions and choices of these actions compose performances.
Instructions can, produce the actions, the text, the situations, the relations that we are looking for, they can as well produce something unexpected, something totally else? How do our instructions and the ways we share them condition agencies? How do we formulate instructions towards something we expect, something we would like to see or hear others do, or how do we give instructions that look for how and what to do? How do our ideas look like, or sound like, after being formulated in instructions to be performed?

Starting by writing instructions for each other within a series of exercises, this seminar proposes to explore with giving, rehearsing and performing instructions. We will mostly work on how the influence of parameters such as “time” can be used as a restriction and/or a tool for specific performances and modes of performing.
The aim of this seminar is that each participant produces a score for a performance that should be performed by other(s) without any rehearsals needed.
All participants will be involved as much in the formulation of instructions, the performance of instructions giving by others and will be spectating the performances from others.
The evaluation will be based on this score(s) developed by each one along the seminar as well as how each one is involve in the process of making, performing and observing the work of oneself and of the others.