Justus-Liebig-Universität GießenInstitut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft

Performance and Otherness

BA 04/05
MA 01/04
CuP 02/04/07/08/09

Practical and theoretical seminar on Performance as a tool to approach the otherness and subjectivity by conjugating differences.

The problem of inclusion, its labels and stigmas – the regime of the visible versus the inclusion in itself: where there is the word inclusion, there is no inclusion. The conflict between institutions and the creation of spaces for life: a constant epistemology as a critique of inclusion.

Attribution of values in the field of art: What is art? (from the expanded concept of art to art made politically that is not named political art). Different approaches to art including texts by Joseph Beuys, Thomas Hirschhorn, Bojana Kunst and Claire Bishop, among others. Case studies in aesthetic production that deals with otherness and theoretical approaches to practices based on differences.

Economic implications (economic cannibalism) related to practices: the social form prior to the value form: the otherness inside an experiment of organization. Otherness as a source to design economy and the only possible avantgarde. Inclusion as a derivative in economy and the problem of community.

Creative devices derived from work carried out in heterogeneous collectives where inclusion was not a word or a concept. How to find a way out when there's no way out.