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ATW TALKS with Silvia Bottiroli: October 12 in the frame of Diskurs festival

The ATW TALKS are back again, ready for another round of conversations. The idea is still the same: we gather to discuss about the aesthetics of production in the performing arts, and we try to take the format of the talk seriously as a thing in itself, as an arrangement that can enable intense, extensive and critical exchange.

The first talk of this season will take place in the frame of Diskurs, a festival which has been organised and curated by ATW students for more than 30 years. For that reason, we decided to talk about festivals, their function, singularity and potential, and everything that goes right and wrong with festivals these days. Our guest for this special occasion is Italian professor and former artistic director of Santarcangelo festival Silvia Bottiroli. Come and join us in the discussion, it will take place on October 12 at 5:00 PM in room A 118 at the ATW. And once you're here, stay for Diskurs which goes until October 15!

More here: https://www.inst.uni-giessen.de/theater/de/veranstaltungen/programm-wissenschaft/1415