The „Annals of GeomorpholZfG_sceenshotogy“ (German: Zeitschrift für Geomorpholgie ZfG) is the official publication of „AK Geomorphology“ and is edited by Prof. Dr. Monique Fort, Prof. Dr. Jörg Völkel, Prof. Dr. Brigitta Schütt, Prof. Dr. Michael Becht and Prof. Dr. Wilfried Haeberli. The ZfG is an internationally recognized peer-review journal wich publishes scientific contributions form all geomorphologic agendas. The main issues of ZfG appear four times a year and are added by thematic supplementary volumes.




Here you can download all geomorphological maps of the GMK priority programms and their accompanying volumes. Furthermore, a detailed bibliography for geomorphological mapping and the ArcGIS © symbols for GMK highlands are ready to download.

When using the maps as well as the accompanying volumes the extended copyright is indicated.

In addition, the AK Geomorphology distributes further publications, obituaries and reports, you can download here.

The earth’s surface – Habitat and creation space of man

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Obituary Arno Semmel

Obituary Nick Preston

Obituary Matthias Kuhle

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