2 PhD positions at Kiel University (SFB-1266 “Scales of Transformation”)

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In the framework of the new SFB-1266 “Scales of Transformation”, the Institute for Ecosystem Research at the Christian Albrechts-University in Kiel, Germany, has available two PhD positions to be filled in late autumn 2016. Applications are invited from outstanding young researchers who will, with their research, contribute to the project

“Transformations in early Greek Societies and Landscapes”

One of the key questions to be answered by the project is the relationship between the climate and the historical record in Greece with a spatial focus on the Northern Peloponnese. The aim is to gain sediment records of the last 4000 years with a temporal focus on the transitional period between Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age (1200-800 BP). Using a combination of different sedimentological and geochemical methods we aim to (a) to reconstruct the changes in air temperature and hydrological dynamics; (b) to describe reactions of regional climate to short-term climate variations reported for the higher latitudes and potentially find coupling mechanisms; (c) to differentiate natural environmental conditions in the region from effects of human influence on the local climate, vegetation, erosion, and sedimentation;

1. PhD position: in palaeoclimatology
aims to connect climate variability and archaeological record as documented in lacustrine sediment cores from several karst valleys in the Northern Peloponnese and from Lake Trichonida. The PhD candidate will establish time series of climate variables based on detailed 14C dating and different geochemical analyses (e.g. XRF). A strong background in sedimentology, quaternary sciences and/or geochemistry is required for this position. Good skills in statistics and understanding of software R or similar statistical tools is desired.

2. PhD position: in soil science and geoarchaeology
aims to connect pedological records from soil profiles and sedimentological records from colluvial deposits with palaeoclimatological and archaeological data. The study area is the catchment of Stymphalia (northern Peloponnese). A strong background in geomorphology, sedimentology and soil science is required for this position.

Both PhD positions explicitly require physical strength and endurance to work in the field. Driving licence for cars up to 7.5t and driving experience is of advantage. Experience in field work and analysis of large data sets is desired. Strong collaboration with other PhD and Postdoc projects in the SFB is expected.

The salaries are based on TVL-13 50% (approx. 1200 EUR net) and will be provided for 3 years. Eligible candidates must hold an outstanding university degree (diploma or master) in Geography, Ecology, Geology, or related subjects.

The Christian-Albrechts-University wishes to increase the number of female scientists and encourages applications from qualified women. Female applicants will be treated with priority if their
qualifications and achievements are equal to those of male applicants. Applications from scientists with disabilities will be treated with priority in case of equal qualifications. We explicitly encourage candidates with a migration background to apply.

Applications (in English) should include a cover letter outlining the motivation for applying and detailing the research interests, a CV, copies of credentials and two letters of support. Submission must be done before August 31st, 2016 to: Prof. Ingmar Unkel, Institute for Ecosystem Research, CAU Kiel, Olshausenstr. 75, 24118 Kiel (Germany). Applications may also be sent by e-mail as one PDF file (not more than 5 MB) to: iunkel@ecology.uni-kiel.de .