15 PhD positions in Geodynamics, Geophysics, Geology and Geomorphology

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SUBITOP offers training and career development for 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESR) in Geodynamics, Geophysics, Geology and Geomorphology. The project aims at understanding of subduction zone topography through modelling of coupled shallow and deep processes.

The 15 available positions cover theoretical work, analogue and numerical modelling and fieldwork in key sites around the Mediterranean and elsewhere, and each ESR project will combine several of these approaches. Individual projects will be linked through shared questions, data, methods and approaches.

SUBITOP brings together ten leading centres of the Earth Sciences in Europe and 15 private sector companies, with participants in eight countries. Within this consortium, the ESRs will receive challenging training in research and they will also have unique opportunities to acquire essential communication, outreach and career management skills and first-hand experience of the private sector through project-specific secondments and co-supervision by industry partners. The ESRs will be embedded within the active TOPO-Europe research community, which can act as a springboard for careers in science.

How to apply: for access to detailed descriptions of and application for the available positions please see the SUBITOP website: http://www.subitop.eu.

Questions: Please use the official SUBITOP contact subitop@gfz-potsdam.de.

Further: Please feel free to spread this announcement widely among potentially interested students or colleagues.

Many thanks in advance and best regards,

The SUBITOP Management Team