Symposium on Landscape Evolution Modelling

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Changing global climate, land cover and land-use challenges scientific attempts towards predicting geosystem response at decadal to centennial time scales. Landscape evolution models (LEM) may provide a useful approach to this challenge. LEMs are simulation tools that model erosion, sediment transport and deposition as well as feedbacks with vegetation and land use. LEMs now have reached a high level of process representation and numerical implementation, but parametrising and validating these models remains problematic. What is needed is a dialogue between archive and modelling communities that stimulates and promotes data-model comparison and integration.

This dialogue will happen at the symposium entitled “Landscape Evolution Modelling – bridging the gap between field evidence and numerical models” at Schloss Herrenhausen in Hannover from 21.-23. October. The symposium is organized by Dr. Wolfgang Schwanghart (University of Potsdam), Dr. Anna Schneider (BTU Cottbus), Dr. Becky Briant (Birkbeck, University of London) and Prof. Dr. Andreas Lang (University of Salzburg) and funded by the VW Foundation.

The symposium offers a forum for 50 researchers – experienced and early-career scientists – whose research spans the broad area of landscape evolution modelling as well as field data acquisition. The symposium will use innovative workshop techniques to ensure active participation and cross-fertilization of ideas, and will offer plenty networking opportunities to help early-career scientists to expand their international scientific network and foster new collaborations.