Excellent Ideas – Junior Research Group at University of Würzburg, Germany

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The University of Wuerzburg, Germany, has established a very well-equipped young-scientist programme, called “Excellent Ideas programme”: each junior research group consists of a group leader, a Postdoc and a PhD position funded over 5 years. In addition, some teaching by the group leader is requested (5 contact hours per week). Here, you can only apply for the group leader position. More information is given on the website below, applications are due by the 31st of May 2017.


Together with colleagues from pedology and archaeology, Prof. Paeth (climatology) will be responsible for a junior research group in the field of paleo-climatic modeling entitled “Man-environmental relationships since the Neolithic in Central Europe” (follow the link in the call and look under the Faculty of Philosophy).

The objective is to develop a high-resolution regional climate model which simulates the climate over the last ~10,000 years in Central Europe with unprecedented spatio-temporal details and to match the model results with soil archives and archaeological find spots. The technical challenge is to implement all relevant forcings and boundary conditions and to include an isotope component in the regional climate model, potentially also a nudging scheme with respect to available proxy data.

The University of Wuerzburg is seeking young scientists at Postdoc level with international research experience, impressive publication record and, preferably, some experience in teaching and fund-raising.

You can contact Prof. Dr. Heiko Paeth, Prof. Dr. Birgit Terhorst or the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Prof. Dr. Roland Baumhauer, for further information.