PhD position at Aarhus University

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UAV-borne imagery for improving the spatio-temporal modelling of agricultural runoff and erosion Research area and project description: Surface runoff and erosion on agricultural land locally affect long-term soil productivity and surface water quality. Despite Denmark being a country with relatively … Weiter

Symposium on Landscape Evolution Modelling

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Changing global climate, land cover and land-use challenges scientific attempts towards predicting geosystem response at decadal to centennial time scales. Landscape evolution models (LEM) may provide a useful approach to this challenge. LEMs are simulation tools that model erosion, sediment … Weiter

Upcoming Special Issue in Water Resources Research on Disturbance Hydrology

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Anthropogenic and natural disturbances often trigger feedbacks between hydrologic, geomorphic, biogeochemical, and ecologic processes. Disturbance hydrology examines how abrupt changes such as resource extraction, deforestation, earthquakes, and landslides, among others, trigger complex process-cascades by changing hydraulic and geomorphic properties, matter … Weiter

Review zu Graphentheorie in der Geomorphologie

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Graphentheorie ist ein Teilgebiet der Mathematik und ist das Werkzeug für die Netzwerkanalyse. In einem soeben publizierten Artikel in der Zeitschrift Geomorphology besprechen und bewerten Tobias Heckmann, Wolfgang Schwanghart und Jonathan Phillips Anwendungen der Graphentheorie in der Geomorphologie.